gormeh thaal at hotel ambajiinternational

Gormeh Thaal is a popular Gujarati thali in Ambaji, India. It is known for its delicious and authentic Gujarati platter, which is served with a variety of dishes. The thali typically includes four types of sabzis (vegetable dishes), rice, roti (Indian flatbread), papad (thin, crispy crackers), and salad.

Some of the most popular sabzis served in Gormeh Thaal include:

Dal: A lentil curry that is a staple of Gujarati cuisine.

Kadhi: A yogurt curry that is often made with pakoras (fritters).

Undhiyu: A winter vegetable dish that is cooked in a clay pot.

Khakhra: A thin, crispy cracker that is made with gram flour and spices.

Puri: A deep-fried flatbread that is often eaten with dal or kadhi.

The thali also includes a variety of chutneys and pickles, as well as a sweet dish for dessert.

Gormeh Thaal is a great way to experience the unique flavors of Gujarati cuisine. The restaurant is located at Hotel Ambaji International near the Ambaji Temple, which is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage sites in India. The restaurant is also popular with tourists, who come to enjoy the delicious food and the friendly atmosphere.

Here is a tip for those who want to experience Gormeh Thaal:
Come with a big appetite! The thalis are very generous, and you will be sure to leave feeling satisfied.